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Launch of the Fairbanking Mark Challenge 15 by 2015– press release (June 2014)
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Fairbanking Ratings: Reaching for the Stars – latest Ratings report (Nov 2013)

The launch of the Fairbanking Mark Challenge


In June 2014, the Foundation launches “The Fairbanking Mark Challenge - 15 by 2015”, an industry-wide drive to challenge banking providers old and new to make the improvements necessary to their products to achieve an additional 15 Fairbanking Mark certifications by October 2015. The aim of the Challenge is to achieve a critical mass of certified products and to help towards building greater customer awareness of Fairbanking Marks and what they mean to people taking out these products.

Can your Institution join The Challenge?

More about the Fairbanking Mark 15 by 2015 Challenge can be found  here…

To see how current banking products measure up against the Fairbanking Mark standards, the most recent Fairbanking Ratings Report can be seen here…

The Fairbanking Foundation

The Fairbanking Foundation believes that banking providers should act in the ‘common good’ - that they owe a duty of care to their customers and to the country as a whole. As water companies are obliged to provide a product that is healthy and good for their customers, so too should banks, building societies etc.

To help to achieve this, the Foundation has been set up, as a charity dedicated to encouraging and helping banking institutions to improve the financial well-being of their customers and thereby the UK public as a whole.

Our work is designed to provide well-researched, independent and insightful new input to encourage and assist in producing financial products that enable people to manage their money better:

• customer research to better understand what drives people’s financial well-being
• assessment of banking products against this understanding, and publication of results
• the Fairbanking Mark certification scheme - to identify and spotlight the leading products available
and encourage competition between providers to offer the best products
• advisory services offered to financial institutions, industry associations and other bodies to encourage the development and improvement of banking products that are helpful to the customer